1-1 Architects (Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa)
1-1 Architects (Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa)

1-1 Architects (Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa)

Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa / 1-1 Architects


Kamiya Yuki (right)

Born in 1986 in Aichi. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Mie University in 2009. Worked at Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates in 2010-2013. Lecturer, Harare Institute of Technology, Harare, Zimbabwe in 2014-2016 (JICA/JOCV).


Shoichi Ishikawa (left)

Born in 1986 in Aichi. Graduate school of Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2012. Worked  at Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc. in 2012-2015.



The two architects started Japan-based architectural office 1-1 Architects(Ichi-no-ichi) in 2014. Now, various projects are ongoing not only Japan but also overseas . Taking advantage of our experience in Africa, they are particularly actively implementing projects, especially in developing countries. While the positive aspects of each of the developed and developing countries, it contributes to the design of attractive spaces and societies. To that end, they focus on the local customs of the site and develop designs that incorporate them. The customs are derived through careful research, including a wide range of construction methods and materials. Their activities have been highly evaluated, and they have received numerous awards both in Japan and overseas.

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1-1 Architects (Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa)
Kariya, Aichi, Japan