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2 Little Spoons

2 Little Spoons

Manufacturers from Ringdansvägen 3, Hägersten, Sweden
2 Little Spoons is a small shop on the south side of Stockholm, in an area known as Midsommarkransen. We are a small neighborhood store, modelled on the traditional general stores of the past, but with a modern interpretation.

We opened at the end of 2013 after having lived in the Midsommarkransen neighborhood for a few years. Our philosophy is ”buy less, buy better” and our goal is to create a shop with an inviting environment, selling a collection of well made items of natural materials, not only from Sweden, but from around the globe.

We offer a selection of timeless products that celebrate functional design and which are appropriate in a traditional or contemporary environment. We also have our own small line of products including soaps and preserves, to which we will hopefully be adding to in the future.

We would always like to hear from you or meet you in person, so the next time you find yourself in Stockholm, hop on the underground for a couple of minutes to Midsommarkransen and visit our shop and say hello!
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2 Little Spoons Hägersten
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Ringdansvägen 3, Hägersten, Sweden