Architects from No. 21 Ecpiscop Chesarie St., Bucharest, Romania
We are players in the architecture world from 2005. Through years of sketching and studying all types of perspective, we learned how to capture light with 3d technology and 3d renderings solutions. These recent years we developed new ways to define an architectural (but not only) concept in 3d visualisation mode. Our portfolio has a great background of collaboration with many architectural studios, interior design studios and different developers from all over the world.
We are constantly testing new landscapes and trying to reach new horizons. We are developing projects in collaboration with various companies that are in need of consultance regarding: architectural projects, urban planing, 3d visualisation renderings, interior design, walk through renderings, photomontage , etc. We are looking forward to starting new collaborations that meet our profile. If you have any questions or simply need an advice from us, please be free to contact us!
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+2pmstudio Bucharest
No. 21 Ecpiscop Chesarie St., Bucharest, Romania