A plus Architecture
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A plus Architecture

A plus Architecture

Architects from 220 rue du Capitaine Pierre Pontal, Montpellier, France
A+Architecture along with A+Architecture Toulouse, Arteba Coordination, L’Echo Economie and Celsius Environnement form the A+ Group.

Convinced that multidisciplinarity is essential the architectural design, that the professionalization of the building process enhances the thinking, Philippe Bonon, Philippe Cervantes and Gilles Gal created a 85 persons group. Everyday and for the past twenty years, architects, engineers and professionals from architecture related fields conceive together with passion, creativity and enthousiasm, both in France and abroad.
In order to complete creative, sustainable and innovative projects, following the impulsion of Philippe Bonon, Philippe Cervantes and Gilles Gal who possess the talents, experiences and technical knowledge necessary, teams conceive, A+Architecture established multidisciplinary teams that are dedicated and motivated.

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