AABE - Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners
Jean Luc Laloux
AABE - Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

AABE - Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Architects from Avenue Baron Albert d'Huart 331, Kraainem, Belgium
An architectural project is worked out while answering a multitude of constraints, it acts to create an environment favorable for human activity. We al know that we do not only live thanks to some proteins which enable us to function: the quality of our life, the force of our memories, the importance of our interpersonal exchanges, the reading of the environment, all these moments wake up in us emotions.

The Workshop

A workshop is a palace where several artisans are working together. Our 25 years of experience allow us to work in several fields such as residences, office and commercial buildings, as well as museums and galleries.


We can treat your files in the following languages: French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian.

Experience Abroad

We have realized constructions in the following countries: Belgium, Caribbean, Germany, Greece, France, Great-Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United States.