ábalosllopis obrador de arquitectura

ábalosllopis obrador de arquitectura

This is a workshop where architecture is slowly handcraft, across a breadth of scales, with special attention and carefulness.

Our architecture workshop is not only a place where products are made.


It is something much more intense.

It is a place where we are teaching and learning continuously.

It is a place for research, reflection and exchange ideas around common interests.


We practice an architecture without preconceived solutions, an architecture meditated on the inhabitant and its environment carefully.


We believe in the inclusion of time in our work as an aspect that improves the solutions and gives them density and weight. It allows us to include chance, memories and other experiences in order to materialize the aims of our clients precisely and naturally.

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Calle Filipinas nº3 Bajo, 46006 València, Spain
Jordi Marset architect
Oslo, Norway