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ABET LAMINATI, Europe's leading producer of High Pressure Laminates, manufacturers over 700 different laminates and reaches the international market via 89 countries including the USA. Since its inception in Italy in the 1950's, ABET has made leaps and bounds in the design and technical worlds. In the Sixties, instead of being content with producing standard white and imitation wood laminates for kitchens, the company shocked the market with its strong colors. These colors brought new life to the product and to kitchens across the globe. After creating an identity of its own, ABET went one step further and created Straticolor, the Diafos (the first translucent laminate with 3-D decoration, and Tefor (the first entirely recycled laminate).Changing the identity of laminates meant letting them travel from the kitchen to the living room, to luxury furnishings and or course, commercial use. In the Eighties, ABET developed MEG, an exterior laminate which can be applied to outdoor structures. Over the years ABET LAMINATI has been no stranger to design. The early 80's saw the birth of Alchima and the Memphis, a creative group which produced the ultimate in furniture design. ABET supported this movement which initiated a tremendous effect on design and on the tastes of that decade. Architect Ettore Sottsass, who has a long time working relationship with ABET and Memphis, concentrated on the sensorial nature of things, the dense colors and vibrant patterns. His imagination also enhanced ABET's newly expanded Metalli line which uses light and refection rather than actual pigments of color. According to Sottsass, laminates, like industrial products, will always be updated. ABET LAMINATI upholds this theory and continues to place research and design at the top of its priorities.
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