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Aboday Architect

Architects from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aboday is an acronym of abode for david, ary and yap. Founded in late 2006 by its three partners, it has an office in Jakarta. The practice provides full service of design, in the scale of millimeter to kilometer. Their works has developed substantially in these past 7 years ranging from architecture, interior design and other creative works. They have been published widely in local and international magazine. Recently their work appears in Wallpaper and Mark to name a few. In 2012 they have won a competition to rebuild Indonesia’s National Museum in Jakarta.

Aboday projects endlessly evolve through its practice, which does not impersonate common convention. It works always based on specific approach rather than predetermined style. The goal is to create specific buildings that harmoniously connected to its context and function.

Aboday believe that intensive dialogue is a solid foundation to support this approach. By continuously creating mutual working environment between clients, consultants and builders, they create an excellent design process to achieve best value of program, budget and architectural quality.

Aboday’s 32 staff studio is located in Jl. Kemang Selatan I /16 C, Jakarta Selatan.

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