Architects from Eugenstraße 2, Tübingen, Germany
Ackermann+Raff was founded in 1985 by Prof. Gerd Ackermann and Prof. Hellmut Raff in Tübingen. Since 2014 the office is directed by Prof. Hellmut Raff, Oliver Braun, Alexander Lange and Walter Fritz. More than 70 employees work at both locations Tübingen and Stuttgart.

Our goal is to create first-class, sustainable architecture while achieving optimal results regarding costs, energy consumption and deadlines. Providing quality and unfailing reliability for our customers is at the forefront of everything we do. We primarily build for public clients, the industrial and commercial sectors, municipal housing companies and social welfare organisations.

Our buildings arise from the intense analysis of each assignment and the possibilities and challenges presented by every site. We continuously question existing standards and communicate them using new design vocabularies. This process results in tailor-made, individual solutions that do not seek to emulate any passing trends. Our work employs the essential elements of form, design, materials and colour as its building blocks and is guided by considerations of costs and scheduling at every turn.
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