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Acrysil Ltd

Manufacturers from Ahmedabad, India
We (Acrysil Ltd) take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Composite Quartz & Granite Kitchen Sinks from India. We are having prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Certificate through RWTUV , World renowned Quality System Certification body. We provide quality sinks at very competitive price and efficient sales service. We are exporting our product to more than 30 (Thirty) Countries like U.S, Europe, Far East Countries, Middle East, Africa & many more. We have many reputed names in our clientèle, both from the domestic as well as in international market. We market our sinks under the Brand “CARYSIL”. We are also an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for major brands worldwide. For more details, please visit our corporate website

We are manufacturing kitchen sinks in 4 series: 1. Beethoven series 2. Vivaldi series 3. Jazz Series 4. Enigma Series

In each series we make 1-bowl with drainer, 1 & half bowl with drainer, 2 bowl with drainer and 2 & quarter bowl with drainer. In Vivaldi we also make 2 bowls without drainer too. We are also in production of only bowl known as Big B, Jumbo N100, etc.

Kitchen sinks are available in three variants, named as "Natural, Granite & Metallic" sinks. Granite sinks are crafted out of 70% natural granite & 30% resin along with special ingredients. After being casted in computer controlled special polymerization process, "CARYSIL" sinks goes through systematic quality control checks so that each sink meets the highest quality standards. Besides ISO 9001, we are having Type Tested Plumbing safety quality assurance standard from Australia. "CARYSIL" sinks are high impact resistant, scratch resistant, non porous, hygienic, resistant to heat up to 230’ C & enchantingly beautiful which lasts for ages. These are the advantages of CARYSIL quartz sinks on stainless steel sinks.

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