Architects from 155 rue de Belleville, Paris , France
Agnes Agnes Chryssostalis Guillemin and share the same first name and the same formation: the Paris-La Seine School of Architecture. They find it complementary, sharing the same sensitivity that forge their duet.

After school they are in Parisian agencies to continue their journey, this time separately: a practical learning teamwork, economic and programmatic synthesis of the projects they travaillent.Mais envy them just developed a vocabulary.

A choice that leads them to create their workshop in 2005 Agnes Agnes & Architecture .
Design "from within outward" use the colored buttons, sensitivity to interiority and vision of any "object" like a little architecture - they also create a furniture design unit within the agency ... Their writing is affirmed and a string of interventions, often in direct command to living spaces (houses, lofts, extensions, alterations etc.) .

Gradually the agency turns to public places (with several restaurants, hotels and shops) and public procurement: the contact with different project owners - the particular to the single command at a major developer - develops their capacity to adapt to the demands and diverse budgets.

The agency draws on these multiple experiences to renew its models and methods, always with the motto continuity between interior and exterior spaces, usage quality places to live and reversibility of the proposed solutions.