AGVAR Aguilar y Varona Arch
AGVAR Aguilar y Varona Arch

AGVAR Aguilar y Varona Arch

Architects from quintana 6, Bilbao, Spain
From the reality of built projects, we realise that a project begins with the understanding of a need, the creation of a concept which synthesises the client´s interests.

Only in this way can one begin to think, develop and establish processes. Only in this way will we formulate a means to the desired end.


- Integrate architecture into the surrounding environment.
- Transform concept into reality.
- Provide the most efficent, flexible and advanced solution possible. Work as a clock.
- Commitment, and ongoing quality improvement.
- Expand our field of work to the office design and educational sectors.
- Increase geographical presence via networking.


We guarrantee the following values and qualities in order to facilitate our work and ensure that every project has a particular added value, a unique concept.