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Carvings have covered the walls of caves, trace the black figure on Greek pottery and were the graffiti decorating walls in Pompei and Ercolano. Such etchings have a rich history and can trace the development of mankind.

Acqueforte, the technique of etched engravings onto a surface, was born during the Renaissance. Its complex processes create unique and original engravings that once used to produce a few copies were destroyed to avoid them ever being made again. Acquaforte allows artistic creations that are truly unique decorative forms born of both fantasy and manual expertise.

Today, AKROS employs developments and innovations in graphic techniques applied to stone to reinvigorate Acquaforte and enliven their dream to draw on marble. These techniques applied to decoration create synergy and balance between art and architectural; crafted from the finest and most diverse materials. Their product is entirely handcrafted as it once was in studios during the Italian Renaissance but remain relevant and applicable for discerning clients and interiors. Akros' creations are inspired by ancient monumental constructions and famous works of art but add an unexpected luxurious twist modern interiors.

if you love exclusivity and are always looking for something truly personal, with AKROS you will find the fullest availability to make items according to your instructions.From the choice of materials, creating the designs, through to the chosen decorative style...you can thus watch as a dream becomes reality, step by step.
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