Albert Leuchten - Gebr- Albert GmbH + Co. KG
Albert Leuchten - Gebr- Albert GmbH + Co. KG

Albert Leuchten - Gebr- Albert GmbH + Co. KG

Manufacturers from Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. 1, Fröndenberg, Germany
Gebrüder Albert GmbH & Co. KG

Since our foundation in 1864 we have been producing high quality hardware.
Since the 50ties we have specialized our production on outdoor lamps.
We produce all items ourselves in our company in Fröndenberg, a small town in the
east of the Ruhrarea. Our exterior luminaires or outdoor lamps are high quality products for
houses, homes and garden areas. Exterior lighting, is our favorite knowledge.
It dosn't matter, if you want to use LED, LED Retrofit, Energysaving lamps or different lamps,
we have the right lighting products for your project. We have our own aluminium-foundry,
a big plant (e.g. laser-technique)
and very experienced employees. This combination makes us to be
a manufacture of products Made in Germany.

Quality is our first priority! We only use selected materials, which
also stand firm against the increased pressure on the environment.
For example aluminium, brass, stainless steel, synthetic resin
varnish, silicate-, acrylic- and impact-resistant glasses. Our products are
checked by our highly-qualified stuff. This is the guarantee for our
national and international customers, wholesalers and communities
to buy high albert-quality.
Components which are not produced by ourselves like glasses,
synthetic materials and electronic components are delivered from
well-known German and European companies.

The design is developed by our own creativity and extensive
market-investigations. So we are in the position to set regular
priorities concering design. We offer lamps and accessories for quite
different buildings. Whether historical or modern – you will find the
right products for every purpose and every building.

Our products made of aluminium can be varnished in all colours
according RAL- or DB-cards. Our standard-items are available in the
following colours:

60.... = black-silver
62.... = bicolour: stainless steel / anthracite or silver / anthracite
65.... = brown-brass
66.... = black (RAL 9005)
67.... = white-gold
68.... = white (RAL 9002)
69.... = silver

Individual Solutions
Because of our highly-qualified employees in our development department,
the technical labour and the construction we are in the
position to develop individual solutions for our customers.
We are able to realize them briefly because of our own production.
This is not especially for modified assembly or special colours but also
for writings, signs and emblems up to an including complete new development
according your details.

Location Germany and therefore Made in Germany is one of the
most important business-philosophies for our company. Due to
consequent investigations in new technology we have got a slim and
fast structure in organization. Efficient production-processes enable
us to quote very competitive prices with high quality.

The lamps shown in this catalogue and also special models have been
developed and produced according to the European regulations
EN 60598 / VDE 6711. The items are tested respectively announced for
testing. It also includes that the lamps are stipulated. All deviations
should be discussed with us. If any of our products are changed by
third, they will be the manufacturer.
Please note that compact fluorescent lamps react differently
dependent on the temperature. So there are differences between
their behaviour in outdoor- or in indoor lamps.
Our information due to surface temperature of our ground recessed
lamps are based on the use outside (ta=15 °C) according EN 60598.

We are always pleased to advise you in planning your lighting
installations. According to your exact details we will develop your
individual lighting-concept.

It is our pleasure to be your partner in light.
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