ALP design workshop (APLdw)

ALP design workshop (APLdw)

Architects from Tokyo, Japan
Business Description:

1. Concept-building, planning, and design of new buildings and interior design, including construction estimation and supervision

2. Planning and design related to building renovation, operation and reparation, including construction estimation and supervision

3. Future master plans for housing districts and factories, urban planning and regional planning

4. Planning, design and construction supervision for landscape designs (gardens and outdoor facilities, etc.)

5. Furniture, lighting and signage design specifically crafted to suit individual buildings as well as concept building and design for mass-produced furniture, lighting and signage

6. Editing and publishing of publications concerning architecture, landscape design and urban design

7. Services related to the abovementioned work, including collaborative work with other experts as necessary

OHNO Hidetoshi was born in 1949 in Gifu Prefecture. He received his master’s from the University of Tokyo in 1972. After working at Fumihiko Maki’s architecture firm, he began to pursue education and research, and was a professor at the University of Tokyo until 2015. At the same time, he also founded APL design workshop (currently co-partners with EGUCHIi Hideki and YAMAMOTO Shinya). He has won several prominent architectural awards in Japan including the AIJ Prize (Architectural Institute of Japan).