ALrefak Furniture Supplier

ALrefak Furniture Supplier

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Alrefak Furniture Supplier CO... Where everything is inspire..

We specialized in ergonomics and modernize designs of furniture as well as providing quality and timely delivery.

Alrefak Furniture founded in 1990, as an office furniture supplier.
We are a leading company in the Office and Home furniture sectors and we have a wide range of high quality products to offer: from managerial programmes to operating systems, from equipped walls to receptions in Office furniture and from bedrooms to accessories.

Our mission is helping our clients to operate in an attractive and efficient working environment.
Alrefak is achieving rewarding and prestigious results mostly thanks to a quality-oriented production and mentality and through a selected network of Supplier and Factories world-wide.

Alrefak Furniture is focusing on design oriented collections particularly appreciated by the Architects and Designers community.

We are very strong in executive and operative area: thanks to the high flexibility of our systems, we are capable of providing customized solution to meet specific customers requirements and needs.

In particular our Models collections are very much appreciated for the design contents and the innovative technical solutions.

Alrefak Furniture provides also the ergonomic and stylish chairs available both with Fabric and leather upholstered shell.
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676 Aljumhoria ST, Tripoli, Libya