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1950 : André Lavigne establishes Aluminor, to manufacture camera shutters, in a former olive oil warehouse near the port of Nice.

1951 : First as a subcontractor, then with its own products, the company grows and develops into manufacturing lighting appliances.

1974 : Establishment of the headquarters and workshop in Contes over a surface of 3000 m². It is also the first time Aluminor exports to
the USA.

1984: The development of halogen lighting brings forth the addition of 1000 m² for the surface finishing.

1988: The first ERP is set up, along with the addition of 1500 m² of stocking.

1991: Construction of a new building of 3000 m², as well as 500 m² of up-to-date offices.Creation of a new department focused on plastics.

2000 : Important investment in a embossing press line; setting up of a more-performing ERP.
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