aMDL – architetto Michele De Lucchi s.r.l.
Alessandra Chemollo
aMDL – architetto Michele De Lucchi s.r.l.

aMDL – architetto Michele De Lucchi s.r.l.

Architects from Via Varese, 15, Milano, Italy
The philosophy adopted by Michele De Lucchi's office seeks to maintain a steady interaction between architectural thinking, industrial design and global communication. This transverse approach is backed by Michele De Lucchi's own international experience acquired in more than forty years' work.

Founded in the early 1980s, the office has kept its original multicultural and multidisciplinary origins. Producing architecture and design for Italian and foreign institutes, public and private organisations, businesses and individuals, it carries out in-depth surveys of matters relating to contemporary society, especially the role of industry and crafts, technology and nature.

Formed by architects and designers from all over the world, the office shows a predilection for teamwork. Its projects are developed without ever being confined to the visual aspects traditionally associated with design, but rather by contemplating every necessary step - from analysis to concept, from realisation to forecasts of future scenarios. The office staff comprises some forty professionals from different cultural backgrounds and experiences who are committed to complex projects. These ranger from the scale of products to that of architecture and city planning. Always at the forefront of the international cultural scene, the firm implements a policy of technical, performing and functional quality related to reasonable completion and management costs.

The firm's head office is in central Milan, in an Art Nouveau building that was converted in 2006 into a creative workshop.At Angera Michele De Lucchi has established his atelier-archive, where architectural experiments start off and the documentary records of his work are kept.

aMDL operates through the work of Michele De Lucchi and four Project Directors: Nicholas Bewick, Alberto Bianchi, Giovanna Latis, Angelo Micheli, each of whom coordinates a project design group.

As proof of a design reaching for excellence, the office was this year awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its architectural, urban, interior and exhibition design.


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