Anderson Woodwork's  LLC
Anderson Woodwork's  LLC

Anderson Woodwork's LLC

Artists from Olympia, United States
Who we are
I have had a lifelong appreciation for nature and its beauty. I am dedicated to high quality woodwork. I enjoy creating wood art that will offer a sense of beauty by including small details to be discovered over time by a careful eye and a sensitive hand. By collaborating directly with my clients I can design and make the perfect piece for your home or office. I strive to create uniquely beautiful works that are also useful and functional. Because your project is unique the costs range accordingly. Species of woods, selection of hardware, complexity of joinery, will be specific to your needs and wishes. The goal of Anderson woodwork's is to create wood products and designs you will enjoy for a lifetime..
The process begins with your visit to your home to discuss style wood type and size. We take great pride in using our skills to help you create the furniture and rooms of your dreams.
Our goal is to have you as a customer for life and we want that process to begin with you’re feeling exited and comfortable and that you are a part of the process.
Since we know that one size does not fit all, we offer you the opportunity to customize most items to suit your lifestyle and needs. We will be happy to help you to make it just right.
When it is time to build your furniture, we start with the best materials, and out of reverence for the forests that supply us, we use only certified or U.S. hardwoods that are unthreatened and replenish able.
We begin with the labor intensive and difficult process of selecting woods for careful matching of grains and color. Joinery is often not visible but our mortise and tenon joints provide the strongest way to connect two pieces of wood.
To insure that your furniture is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye, we take each part through multiple hand sanding and finishing steps.