Andrea Hegedűs Design
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Andrea Hegedűs Design

Andrea Hegedűs Design

Designers from N/A, N/A, Hungary
Andrea Hegedus Design offers unique, art inspired pieces that stand out given their one-of-a-kind design and multiple functionalities – a favored mélange that today’s discerning clients seek for. We help our clientele create harmonious and peaceful living spaces, where a significant role is dedicated to colors and to the transformation of natural light. Our long-lasting creations tastefully preserve elements of art: they shall be enjoyed and lived with perhaps even for generations.

We attach great importance to a graceful, fine and elegant appearance of our works to the appreciation of our highly valued clients. We are dedicated to the creation of high quality, valuable items that come in timeless, sophisticated designs as well as in sleek shapes and structures.

Our credo has always been to be at the forefront of innovation. Throughout the creation phase we apply traditional craftsman techniques and mix them with latest industrial technologies to satisfy our clients’ specific aesthetic expectations as well as to meet their enhanced lifestyle standards of our modern times.
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