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andrea rubini
andrea rubini architect

andrea rubini architect

Architects from via pasteur, 1, Vigevano, Italy
Andrea Rubini was born in Vigevano in 1979. He attended Milan Polytechnic University and graduated with Stefano Boeri with a thesis on the reconstruction of L'Aquila after the latest earthquake.
He started his collaborations with lgb-architects, focusing on interior design projects and some Benetton showrooms which were featured both at the exhibition 'Opening Soon' at the Milan Triennale and the XIV Biennale of Architecture in Venice.
After six years at lgb-architects, in 2012 he started his own business, mainly dealing with interior architecture. Over the years he developed several projects, including the transformation of an industrial space into a kindergarten, the preliminary design for the new home for the Museum of the Vigevano Cathedral and a sports center.
His early completed works dated between 2012 and 2014 are three interior design projects 'house # 01 | 02 | 03' published in some online architectural and interior design digests.
In 2015 he was also mandated for the adjustment of the open spaces of two historic abbeys in the province of Pavia.
In 2014 he was teaching assistant to Luciano Giorgi at Naba Milan master's degree in interior design.
Today, after only three years, passion, perseverance and curiosity determine the growth of his work. His motto is summarized in following sentence by Gio Ponti:
'Good architecture is considered as moral commitment, facing therefore evil, speculation, haste, ignorance; for it to win, right-minded thoughts must become substance through tireless repetition'