Architects from New York, United States
Experimentation and Innovation - Experimentation is an essential element in understanding both the opportunities and responsibilities inherent in evolving design field in contemporary condition. AnLstudio is always seeking emerging technologies, cutting-edge materials, academic theories about new design paradigm for its projects as well as innovative approaches to issues concerning sustainability and the environment.

Cultural Trend and Future - Both the careful consideration of a client’s needs and analysis of cultural tradition, trend, social dimensions with a global perspective are the key part of the methodologies of AnLstudio. Basically, AnLstudio’s primary goal is to break the tendency of simplification of architectural language from the past and move beyond categorical approaching and the stratification of architecture system toward a more integrated and complex future.

Collaboration - AnLstudio was established with the notion of multidisciplinary collaboration in partnership both with its collaborating team of experts as well as the client and its organization. AnLstudio always believe that collaboration is the most important keys that produce creative solutions that supports both the process and result.
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