Annabelle Tugby Architects

Annabelle Tugby Architects

Architects from United Kingdom
Annabelle Tugby Architects is a contemporary architecture practice specialising in high end residential work. We use a collaborative approach across architecture, urban design, interiors and furniture design.

We work with individuals and organisations who inspire us and together we explore possibilities, creating designs that solve multitudes of problems and whose results engage in a delightful way.

Our projects are composed in a contemporary vernacular style. Designs are sympathetic to their locality and carefully considered in terms of budget, client aspirations and buildability. Our work celebrates beautiful materials, textural contrasts and finely crafted minimalist detailing.

As a team of six, we collaborate on larger projects such as multi-occupancy schemes as well working as project architects on individual residential builds. We enjoy the challenges of working in Greenbelts, upon listed properties or within Conservation Areas and clients benefit from our pro-active and creative approach.

Building our own work periodically also sets us aside from other architects as we are patently aware of the commitment a client makes, the risks and the pressures – making efficiency on projects an essential element to all our work.

All our card and timber models are built in house and demonstrate different issues depending upon their scale. From the complex forms of a one-off house, to a larger scheme with site boundaries and contours all the way through to a detailed interior model, street scene or elevational detail.

They communicate clearly and fully to our clients how their project will appear so that everyone is very clear of the projects many qualities. It is also impossible for a model to ‘hide’ unresolved issues and they are an essentail tool to prevent undiscovered issues too.

They bring everyone on board with a project too at key points such as planning or public consultation as they identify neighbouring properties, adjacancies, impact, overshadowing etc. This full support is often the difference between a stalled project and a successful project which is a relief to our clients in difficult situations.