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Dewald van Helsdingen
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Anthrop Architects

Architects from Pretoria, South Africa
As a dynamic architectural practice we are committed to our clients to provide them with a personal professional service. We focus on value creation, for people and businesses and work according to our unique High Design Process - an integrated approach, incorporating all of the traditional design skills, plus all of the new design-related skills needed to respond to the complexity and challenges of the present and the future. We pride ourselves in the ability to design projects with a wide variety of scale from product design, residential & commercial to large-scale urban design development frameworks.
Anthrop describes our design philosophy. It is derived from the Greek word Anthropos meaning human being, which is also the base for the word Anthropology meaning the study of human behaviour. So as Architects, we have an anthropological understanding of how people live, work & play in a space.
The figure on our logo is therefore a reference to our clients and users of the
buildings we design. Clients’ needs and aspirations are the foundation for the services we provide.
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