Antonio Arico
Antonio Arico

Antonio Arico

Designers from Reggio Calabria, Italy
Graduated from the Polytechnic School of Milan and Alta Scuola Politecnica, Antonio Aricò, showed very young a big energy in finding his own language and his way to define his love for Design.
Born in the south of Italy, Antonio grew up in a strong creative artistic feminine surrounding: colourful and loud. His passionate research brought him around the world: Metal and Jewellery design at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Scotland, product design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and designing traditional furniture from Southern Spanish Culture in Spain. He also worked with Whirlpool Virtual Lab on concepts design.
Since 2008, Antonio Aricò has worked for Deepdesign studio in Milano.Thanks to Deepdesign studio, he took part in R&D projects for Barilla group, Nivea Beiersdorf and worked for many clients such as: Lavazza, Serralunga, Skitsch...
In 2010, Deepdesign studio organised an exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum called L’anima Sensibile delle Cose’ and realised two conceptual towers to be placed in the new exhibition of the Triennale Design Museum: Quali Cose Siamo, curated by Alessandro Mendini.
Today Antonio develops his proper language with the one warm leitmotiv "Everyday is our day!".
In 2010, he participated in France in the workshop of the Boisbuchet animated by Maarten Baas.He is developing and creating different prototypes of daily life and use products. He has been approached by Garagedesign to finalise one of them: the Watering Kettle Cans selected for DMY Berlin.But Antonio laughs as much as he thinks and creates, so there’s a lot more to come...