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Anudal Industrial

Manufacturers from Polígono Ind. Pomar de Dalt. Avenida Conflent, 100, BADALONA, Spain
Anudal is a company specialising in manufacturing aluminium carpentry accessories, specifically joints, t-joints, punch presses, pre-frames, pull handles, specially machined items and a new line of supports for curtain wall. We offer solutions for the mounting of aluminum carpentry and we make available to our customers the best technical advice to choose from more than 2,500 references to suit different profiles. Our R&D department is continually creating new products adapting it to the needs of every customer, market segment or country. We are part of Integra. Al, a consortium of six Spanish leading manufacturers of accessories for metal fittings offering integrated solutions in markets abroad.

Our staff is made up of more than 30 people interested in doing great their job every day. 14 % of the staff has a physical, mental or sensory disability. Our workers are trained by the company and we offer them free psychological and legal counseling. They also take part in activities specially designed for them. Every year they are invited, along with their partners, to a special activity out of our facilities to commemorate the anniversary of the company.

In Anudal we maintain a strong commitment to safety at work and this is why in recent years we have invested great effort to provide optimal working conditions and train all the staff on the importance of preventing occupational hazards.

In Anudal we focus on quality. Since 1997 our quality management system is certified under ISO standards, currently the ISO 9001:2015.
For Anudal continuous improvement is a challenge and it is present in all the activities of the company. We invest in new computing systems to provide references in the whole data process and verify that the manufactured parts meet the permitted tolerances.
Anudal owns since 2006 the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate. This certificate applies to design, manufacture and commercialization of de joints, T-joints, punch press, pre-frames, handles and aluminum carpentry mounting accessories.

Anudal is well known by offering new solutions to the market for joining aluminum profiles. All the technology applied by Anudal is developed by its own R&D department, which works to improve manufacturing and quality processes. Innovation has been a constant throughout Anudal’s history and thanks to this philosophy we have 60 families of different products.
In Anudal also we respond to the need of improving the working environment and reducing the potential causes of accidents. We manage with the issue implementing the Japanese 5S methodology to establish order, organization, cleanliness, standardization and discipline.

In Anudal we are committed to respecting the environment. Therefore, we recover the waste from production processes:
We recycle the remaining chips and scraps of aluminum production.
Wastes get purified and separated.
We remove the maximum quantity of paper as it is possible, relying the documentation in electronic format and using recycled paper.
In addition, Anudal’s group also invests in tree plantations and photovoltaic plants, which produce enough energy to supply the own consumption of the company and generate surpluses. These solar power plants represent an annual reduction of more than 4,000 tons in CO2 emissions.

As a result of a tough manufacturing process, in Anudal we always offer excellent quality and adaptability in our parts.
We adapt to the new series offered to the market, and we design joints and t-joints for various export markets. We offer solutions for carrying out special operations for different sectors and we make available to our customers the possibility to customize their products.

We adapt to the new series offered to the market, and we design joints and T-joints for various export markets.
Customization of products
Product label with the logo of the customer
Items’ packaging in special boxes with the logo of the customer
Blocking TJoints with the logo of the customer
Joints kits packaging or T-joints in special bags
Availability in 10 days.
Any quantity.
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