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APS Arosio GmbH

APS Arosio GmbH

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Born from the passion and entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Claudio Arosio, combined with his outstanding qualities of innovation, APS Arosio S.p.a. is now the leader company, in Italy and abroad, in the manufacturing and distribution of frames to contain Air Handling Units (AHU).

The advanced technological expertise of its Research & Developing Department, combined with the high quality of the materials employed, make APS Arosio S.p.a. the leader on the AHU market: all the biggest manufacturers use Arosio's System.

APS Arosio S.p.a. has a strong manufacturing flexibility. It can meet even the most demanding requests of the manufacturers and offer several Systems in its catalogue, multiple variants of corners and profiles, along with a wide range of air control systems, such as dampers, droplet separators, louvers and flexible duct connectors.

APS Arosio S.p.a. has its logistics, technical and sales offices in areas of greatest interest, where top AHU manufacturers operate. It distributes its products all over the world thanks to a widespread network of retailers and four subsidiaries in Europe and America, who take care of assembling parts on site. APS Arosio S.p.a. plays an active role across the whole production chain, from production of extruded profiles (thanks to its collaboration with APS Arosio Extrusion S.p.a., a company specialised in extruding standard aluminium profiles or custom-made) to sales of assembled products.

APS Arosio S.p.a.'s corporate philosophy is based on technological innovation, manufacturing efficiency, product safety, a widespread presence and aims at providing a full service and customer satisfaction wherever in the world!
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