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AQ Arkitekter

Architects from Portgatan 1 , Eskilstuna, Sweden
In recent years, a major effort undertaken to enable the development of Eskilstuna office into a modern and generous office with both the opportunity to own lectures and accommodation for commuters. The office serves as the base of our business, and there are all the technical and knowledge resources to pursue both large and small projects.

In addition, we have built small platforms in Stockholm and Gotland. Stockholm office easier for employees who live there and for our clients and partners in the area. The office in Visby is currently pursuing projects in Gotland and Blekinge. In the long term, the intention is to transform the office in Visby to a studio by the sea. The studio will then be able to offer the office as a whole is a creative environment where employees can go, alone or in groups, to take the difficult and important steps in each project.
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