arbejazz architecture studio
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arbejazz architecture studio

arbejazz architecture studio

Architects from Tel Aviv, IL, Israel
Arbejazz architects was founded 2001 as a team of young and ambitious architects and designers.
Based in tel Aviv and operates in Israel and Europe.
Arbejazz won several international architecture & design prizes. 
In our work we focus on developing strong and clear concepts which lead to unique and high quality solutions for each client.
Arbejazz studio is motivated by the desire to design sensitive and stimulating environments with high spatial qualities and sustainable refinement. Our experience and interest varies from conceptual and practical competitions, private villas, residential project, office, commercial, public buildings etc.
selected prizes and honors:

2008 – Second prize winner – Shenkar campus and graduated building . ( Bea, Strata & Arbejazz Architects)

2003 – Third prize winner – Technion institute competition student dormitories & community center competition. Haifa, Israel. (Mull Bauer-Eyal & Arbejazz Architects).

2001 - Silver prize winner – Design beyond east and west - compact housing in Japan. (Arbejazz Architects).

1999 - America - Israel cultural foundation Award for Architectural and Artistic projects.

1998 - Israeli Architecture association Award for Excellency - nominee The Dean of the Technion, Architecture and Town planning Faculty.

1996 – Tel-Aviv municipality First prize winner for the design of the `Mashtela` school. (Arcod Architects).