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Founded in 2012, Arch2O was launched with a simple concept; creating a collaborative platform for creative people across the globe to bring a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and art projects from around the world. Arch2O set out to bring a fresh new mindset to the world of design with two main objectives. The first was to invite all creative minds from a wide and diverse background in the world of design to collaborate on our platform in order to review some of the latest and most relevant issues to those different creative groups of people, making Arch2O one of the designer’s most favorite platforms. The second objective was to unveil and identify the most uncommon and undiscovered – yet most certainly impressive – approaches in the ever growing, ever demanding world of architecture, design, art, and all that relates. Arch2o’s main office is located in the USA, with a satellite office in London, yet we have 70% of our staff working remotely from different places across the globe, we proudly adopt one of the most diverse mindsets out there. We consider ourselves a large virtual office, working continuously 24 hours a day with a strong management and communication system. This diverse team of creative artists, designers, and architects have worked around the clock, day to day for almost four consecutive years to bring you a selection of over 5000 articles in a wide scope of art & design related happenings. Our selection of architectural projects insists on intelligently implemented solutions while presenting new possibilities for content and everyday use. It is a proponent of futurism through a persistent investigation of the symbiotic potentials amid nature and technology.
Our Offices
Arch20 Blacksburg
1216 University City Blvd, Blacksburg, United States