Archas Design Maciej Zuber

Architects from Bielsko-Biała, Poland
ARCHAS DESIGN company is a young, dynamically developing an original design studio focusing people around it with a fresh look at the world and a desire to create it in both the brave and aesthetic way.

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Author's Design Studio ARCHAS DESIGN was registered in 2005. The founder of the company is architect Maciej Zuber, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture University of Technology. Since its inception in the market trying to meet the expectations of customers, regardless of whether we design a small building single-family housing development or production facility. Each order is treated individually with regard above all customer satisfaction. Our design team is constantly evolving as a priority with the implementation of new methods of design and multidisciplinary collaboration, which gives the investor the comfort of minimizing problems associated with inter-collisions.
Our Offices
Archas Design Maciej Zuber Bielsko-Biała
+48 33 8 103 704
Bielsko-Biała, Poland