Architects from Banani, Bangladesh
The firm was established in 1989 with coming together of a small group of professionals who were willing to pool their resources to define a new order of consulting service standaed. Openness in absorbing new talents and ideas is key to ARCHITEKTON's growth and strength. Over the years, his openness has drawn to its fold the most experienced and reputed talents in the fields, and has marked out a roadmap into the future for physical Environment development services.

Today, ARCHITEKTON is a full-service organization for Urban Planning and Architecture, Foundation and Structure, Electro-mechanical & Environmental Services and Construction.

ARCHITEKTON's development and production resources comprise full CAD and STADD PRO capabilities to meet the needs of today.

The Principals of ARCHITEKTON (Pvt.) Ltd., Arch. Minhasur Rahman, Engr. Mostafizur Rahman, Arch Khadem Ali, Arch Saiful Islam, Arch M. A. Kayesh and other personel have been educated and trained in reputed Engineering Universities with many years of design experience in Bangladesh and Abraod.
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Architekton Banani
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Banani, Bangladesh