Arturo Alvarez
Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez

Designers from San Miguel de Sarandón, 9, A Coruña , Spain
The arturo alvarez company was born in 1994; it is dedicated to the design and production of decorative lighting for residential and commercial purposes.

The philosophy of the company has always been to offer hand-made lamps, of great personality and with a strong emotional component, taking good care of its finishes and treating them as unique and exclusive pieces, one of a kind.

Arturo Álvarez is the creative driving force of the company; he is the design director of the brand and one of its founders. A few years ago he has decided to invest in innovation, exploring and creating proprietary materials for his lighting designs. It has developed SIMETECH®, a material of silicone mesh characterized by its visual beauty and luminosity what led him to achieve an Interior Design’s Best Of Year 2014 award.

Bety design is at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona, here it participated in “Concepts and designs for the turn of the century”, where they revisited the last ten years of the Spanish design.

Different creations of the brand have participated in expositions, art galleries and museums in London, New York and Tokyo. It is present at the main worldwide design web portals and it is mentioned by bloggers and other trendsetters.

In 2008 the floor lamp GEA and in 2009 Fluo, were awarded with the prestigious Good Design. In 2010, Guau, designed by El Último Grito gets a Red Dot.

In the future it considers to continue the innovation track in hand-made design, as a hallmark of the brand, exploring more energy saving, ecological light sources and in the commercial area keep on growing and consolidating export markets.