Atelier Kastelic Buffey
Shai Gil
Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Architects from 25a Morrow Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Atelier Kastelic Buffey was founded in 2004 by partners Robert Kastelic and Kelly Buffey.

AKB’s architecture is quiet. With clarity of vision and poetics of space, the studio’s work is conceived to unify interior and exterior relationships so that they fold seamlessly into each other. AKB has a contemporary outlook, and yet its approach is timeless. With each project the studio strives to heighten awareness and prompt memorable experiences.

AKB enjoys working closely with clients to explore their needs and desires. The team researches relevant data, theories, sustainable requirements and selected precedents, focusing on the essential elements of space, light, proportion and materials. From these studies, AKB develops architecture that sensitively responds to its site and context, the needs and personality of its inhabitants, and the fundamental qualities that touch our emotions. AKB’s distilled visions often require technically or structurally innovative solutions which are integrated into the work seemingly without effort. The resulting architecture is not only conceptually rigourous but also functional, engaging and elegant.

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