We, the ATN Kreative Produktionen with headquarter in Grünwald near Munich, are an internationally leading manufacturer of creative and qualitatively high-quality coverings. We present with demanding and trendy designs as manufacturer of imitation leather, leather and contract fabrics yearly a new collection for indoor as well as for outdoor areas. We set over and over again high standards - due to our outstanding quality, innovative design, numerous surface structures and with approx. 1.000 different colours. With an order quantity of 300 metres we develop for most of our collections customised solutions. All ATN cover materials are normally UV-continual, flaming-restraining equipped, waterproof, tear-proof and free from noxious substances injurious to environment. Furthermore our company stands for an extremely high speed of delivery. Our products are available throughout Europe and worldwide in the shortest time. Besides, the following sectors rank among our customers: ¬ Interior design und architecture ¬ Catering and hotel industry ¬ Automotive industry and aviation ¬ Yachts and ships ¬ Trade-fair and shop construction ¬ Fitness and wellness ¬ Hospitals and rehabilitation ¬ Schools and kindergartens Since 2015 we are an absolute leader in the industry with cover fabrics of cork. With this clever design idea we prove that ethics and design can be combined very well. Honoured with the interzum award: intelligent material & design 2015, the collection connects smart material and trendy design in ideal manner. In addition, cork owns prominent qualities: it is waterproof and disposes of a good isolating effect. Cork is also flaming-restraining, UV-resistant and temperature-resistant as well as completely recyceable. As a natural and renewable resource and with his pleasantly warm look and feel, cork is suited as an ideal covering. The on abrasion tested materials guarantee an excellent suitability as a covering for chairs, armchairs and sofas but also as wall coverings. ATN presents his high-class coverings on all leading trade fairs worldwide.
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