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Founded in 2007, Audax is a Toronto-based architecture and interior design firm with expertise in the luxury real estate market. Clients include commercial and residential developers, celebrity chefs, restaurant and hospitality groups, and affluent homeowners.

Audax provides their clients with a holistic approach to design, which incorporates both architecture and interiors. Under the design leadership of Gianpiero Pugliese, Audax's projects are diverse in design style. The firm's work is motivated by Human Architecture, a design approach developed by the studio that combines the best elements of traditional architecture with a modern aesthetic.

As part of Audax's culture, the firm has researched and created a design philosophy called Human Architecture, which provides the robust foundation to all of their design work. The approach incorporates the best elements of traditional architecture and marries them with a modern aesthetic. Human Architecture stems out of the belief that many of the best aspects of traditional architecture were lost during the modern period, and from the recognition that modern design is a popular aesthetic within our culture today. By looking at the past through the lens of Modernism, Audax is able to bring the tactile and human-scaled elements that were lost with Modernism, back into contemporary design. As a result, Audax's approach to design creates buildings and interior spaces that appeal to those who admire the warmth and detailing of traditional architecture but also appreciate modern design. As an ongoing exploration of the philosophical framework, Audax is leading The Human Architecture Project which consists of formal case studies to demonstrate the theory and explore new ideas and designs that relate to city building.

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