Architects from San Sebastian, Spain
We are a small and growing company that mainly focuses on three areas that correspond to different scales of action.
On the urban scale we like to work on mixed used projects that are related to the dynamics of the city. Therefore we conduct a strong a thorough analysis of the urban conditions and create the vision for the future scenarios. We implement the concept of urban cells at these scales, which enables us to design diverse and healthy urban projects taking into account issues like sustainable energy generation, transportation accessibility and landscape design among others.
The branch of corporative and green buildings focuses on offices and services for companies and research facilities. These are projects that require a close connection with the branding culture and personality of each company. We are also successful at designing showrooms where we incorporate cutting edge audiovisual technology to create unique experiences connected with the brands.
At the smallest scale we enjoy working with furniture elements where we test new materials and solutions at a smaller scale. We eventually work also with artists and other innovative professionals to produce singular projects and new solutions that push the limits of the standards.
Our Offices
HQ San Sebastian
San Sebastian, Spain