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Basilio Tobías Pintre

Basilio Tobías Pintre. Office in Zaragoza, Spain. Architectural degree. School of Architecture, Barcelona, graduated in 1977. He has been Professor of Architectural Projects in the School of Architecture, Barcelona, and in the International University of Cataluña School of Architecture. Professor of PFC in the School of Architecture. University of Navarra. 2005-2010. Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. Architecture degree. University of Zaragoza. 2010. Most of his designs are in the fields of University buildings and Public facilities. Some of his works like the University Sports Center, the Multipurpose hall of Zaragoza, the Ciudad de Zaragoza Hotel, the Economics Library, the Sports Pavilion of the University Jaume I in Castellón or the Building Expo have been finalists or selected at different Biennials of Spanish Architecture. The Economics Library and the Sports Pavilion of the University Jaume I in Castellón were selected for the Spanish Pavilion of the 9th Biennial of Venice.

He has been the winner in competitions for the Business Studies Faculty of Zaragoza, the Sports Pavilion of the University Jaume I in Castellón, the Extension of the Fleta Theatre, the Buildings for the Department of Health of the Regional Government of Aragon, the Building for the Offices of the Expo 2008, the Tower (30 floors) of 285 flats next to Railway Station of Zaragoza, the Building of 112 flats for the Expo 2008, the Building for the Consortium for the equipment and operation of the underground laboratory in Canfranc, Huesca or the Building K on the Campus Besós in Barcelona.

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Basilio Tobías Pintre Zaragoza
Paseo de Ruiseñores nº 23 4º C 50006 Zaragoza, Spain