Bauporte Design Entrances BV
Bauporte Design Entrances BV

Bauporte Design Entrances BV

Manufacturers from Zandsteen 14, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Bauporte Design Entrances
Revolving Doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Swing Doors, Automatic Balance Doors, Automatic Folding/Stacking Doors, Service & Maintenance.

Bauporte was founded in 1992 and in 1999 it took over Grothkarst, a German company that had been developing and constructing high-quality doors since 1908. Karel E. Bouman, the current Owner and Director, with a wealth of experience in the door and entrance industry, correctly identified a gap in the market for a supplier of custom-made rather than mass-produced doors and Bauporte was born.

A Respected Reputation
In Bauporte terms, entrance doors are not just “doors”; we mean splendidly designed entrances, constructed to the highest specifications and produced from ultra-modern materials. Companies throughout the world are overwhelmingly satisfied with Bauporte products and service -and we are confident that you will feel the same.

Three little, well-known words:
“Yes we can”...
...they express the difference that Bauporte brings to a global market that typically offers “more of the same”. This difference begins with employees. Their belief in their own abilities is crucial in this respect, together with the iron will to work hard for a collective purpose:
To build the greatest possible customer satisfaction into the design and function of an entrance door. The difference is also evident in Bauporte’s customers; we work with discerning clients who actively seek out high-quality, custom-made entrances. Our customers
are enterprising individuals or organisations, looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd by creating something special and who are not willing to accept second best. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Bauporte is based on this principle. Creating designs, setting
goals, rolling up our sleeves and displaying determination, all these qualities are central to the beliefs of our customers, employees and organisation. This is our collective binding factor; essentiall your whole philosophy is embodied in these three small words.

Why Choose Bauporte?
Bespoke entrances and doors:
Bauporte employees have unrivalled experience in the production and installation of bespoke doors and
entrance systems. Always looking to innovate and push the boundaries of door design, Bauporte has brought many new products and processes to the market, including the first full-glass revolving door and the tallest revolving door in the world. With a pedigree like this, it is little wonder that world-leading architects come to Bauporte when something special is required.

Product quality and craftsmanship
At Bauporte we believe little, if anything, is impossible; we always try to raise the bar, to exceed our customers’ expectations and to enthusiastically embrace new challenges. All bespoke doors are individually designed and engineered using top class materials to ensure a beautifully finished product.

“Everything-under-one-roof” philosophy:
Bauporte has the unique ability to develop and manufacture every component in-house, making it possible to deliver exactly what our customers have in mind, in a proper and expedient manner.

Strength and beauty
Stainless steel is used for the internal framework of Bauporte doors, guaranteeing the maximum design life. This framework can be clad and finished to the customer’s requirements with stainless steel, aluminium, brass or even copper. Glass also plays an important role in completing the construction but can also be used to enhance the appearance with effects such as one-piece glass roofs, coloured interlayers, fritting, and integrated colour-changing LED lighting strips.

Remote diagnostics
An optional remote diagnostic service is available on all Bauporte automatic doors; helping save money on repairs and maintenance and minimising any down-time should a problem occur. With this option, the doors are linked via a modem and telephone line, allowing Bauporte to remotely diagnose or adjust the door operation if necessary.

Quality of our service
At Bauporte we recognise the importance of customer service. Our highly experienced in-house design team aim to provide advice and high-quality solutions to all entrance requirements. Everything is done internally; from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance, ensuring the same high quality of service from start to finish. Our highly trained maintenance teams respond quickly and efficiently to any problems and are ready to serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nothing is more elegant than an attractive entrance!