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B&B Natural Claddings
B&B Natural Claddings

B&B Natural Claddings

B&B is a dynamic and constantly expanding sales company, which has concentrated on natural claddings for many years. It is constantly searching for new ideas and innovative solutions to satisfy customer’s wants and expectations. Skill, expertise and organization are the qualities that over time have allowed this company to forge significant commercial partnerships, both in Italy and abroad. Aware of how important it is to recreate a new and improved balance between architecture, construction and the natural world, B&B offers a collection of claddings made exclusively from beautiful natural materials . Nature and green construction have thus become the two cornerstones of the company’s production, and it is committed to marketing and transforming products that are exclusively natural, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Masterpieces by nature and man. For indoors and outdoors, these materials are resistant by nature and irresistibly beautiful. This is why B&B has launched a collection of facings that are made exclusively from natural and noble materials; they are the “skin” of the home and can infuse the surroundings with warmth, while maintaining their beauty over time. Walls, facings and paving: each different surface is in natural harmony with its surroundings, because of the materials that are noticed at first glance and that are appreciated in the long term.
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