Beiler François Fritsch
Beiler François Fritsch

Beiler François Fritsch

Architects from 35 Rue du Père Raphaël, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Beiler François Fritsch, as per the names of the three associate architects, is also the name of the new architectural firm established in 2018 and employing an multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan team.

Experts in architecture, urban planning and interior architecture, Beiler François Fritsch seeks to be a "one stop shop" both for consulting and for production and coordination throughout the project process. Our experience in public buildings, service buildings and collective housing serves as an excellent basis for preparing the design of individual houses.

The architectural approach of Beiler François Fritsch is to develop highly expressive projects that, by evoking a strong image, help clients to identify with their buildings.
While we view the architectural image and the functionality of a building as the key elements of a project, we consider it imperative that they be completed within the allocated budget envelope, to building standards and in accordance with technological rationality and contemporary culture.
In the same way, concerned with the preservation of the environment in Luxembourg and abroad, we make a point of honour to develop the skills of our collaborators in the fields of the sustainable development.

The architectural and functional quality of Beiler François Fritsch's projects has been demonstrated through numerous awards and prizes, and through many achievements. The office also excels as an urban planner / developer. The success of our projects is closely linked to our team of experienced, visionary and diversified professionals and technicians!