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The Founder Ben Barber was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Trained in sculpture at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Upon completing his education Ben settled back in Vancouver and began working in a shared woodshop honing in his design philosophy. Blending a minimalist style influenced by his time in New York and a respect for nature garnered through years spent in Vancouver he began to craft what is now Ben Barber Studio. The Company Founded in 2014 Ben Barber Studio is a modern furniture/object design studio based in Vancouver. Bold clean lines and pops of colour create timeless products that speak to a minimalist lifestyle with a flair for the eccentric. Utilizing both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes, each piece is created locally in Vancouver. Using only the highest quality of material for each piece. What we do The studio's main focus is the production of its own in house line of products. Designed to be produced with as minimal waste as possible. Materials are selected not only for quality but their ability to be produced at any scale and remain a sustainable material to work with. All metal work is built by local manufacturers who work on small-scale projects and employ a safe, clean work environment. We only use eco-friendly vinyl and organic fabrics on our upholstery. The wood used only comes from tree’s that grow in North America from local distributors who only receive wood that has been harvested in a fair and low-impact manner. All wood products are finished with matte wax oil that contain no biocides or preservatives. Many of our products can be made to a custom size and when available can come in a huge array of colours.
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