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BENCH is sold through the best decorators: only they can convey our strengths and convert your vision into a factual production order! Please feel free to visit our showroom in Boven-Leeuwen without any obligations. We recommend that you notify us in advance of your visit by calling 0031 (0) 487 50 27 97.

Our underlying philosophy is to combine outstanding technical and functional qualities with an attractive appearance. Bench gathers signals from its environment and translates them into its designs, which aim to bridge the past and the present and blend craftsmanship with industrial concepts. Bench endeavours to convert your vision into unique, custom-designed seating!

In the Central Netherlands, between the rivers Maas and Waal, lies Boven-Leeuwen, where Bench has established its workshops and showroom, in a beautiful landscape where historic villages take you back in time; where people like to cycle, play water sports, walk and spend time with each other; where the standard of hospitality is high: the perfect location for Bench. Visitors can also visit the Tuut, the restored steam pumping station, the gardens of Appeltern, the ruins of Batenburg Castle or Gouden Ham, the large water sports centre. Other attractions include the historical centre of Nijmegen, Arnhem, s-Hertogenbosch and Utrecht.
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Bench Boven-Leeuwen
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Waterstraat 6, Boven-Leeuwen, Netherlands