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Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans

Manufacturers from Lexington, United States
Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered fans on the planet. And Big Ass Fans aren’t just for the warmer months—they can save you money and keep you comfortable year round.
Our large diameter, low speed Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size (up to 24 feet in diameter), not speed, while our smaller offerings provide targeted cooling for smaller spaces.

Summer Cooling
Nature put us on earth with a built-in air conditioner: Smart. We engineer our Big Ass Fans to make the most of it: Smarter.
OSHA standards indicate temperatures of 100.4 F and above are dangerous for workers, while air temperatures that exceed 95 F significantly increase the heat load on the body. When temperature and humidity levels rise, the body’s natural ability to cool itself decreases. While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived cooling effect can make a person feel 10 F cooler.
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