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BikeLid, LLC
BikeLid, LLC

BikeLid, LLC

The patented BikeLid® is the most durable and secure form of Class 1 (long-term) public bicycle parking in the marketplace. The tough yet lightweight and graffiti resistant polyethylene shell, reinforced by steel, is attached by spring-loaded hinge to a steel bike guide frame, which provides one or two full-sized bicycles unrivaled protection from the elements, vandals, and thieves. BikeLid’s standard locking mechanism is secured by the bicyclist’s own lock. A BikeLid® easily bolts to any ground surface, from earth to concrete. Moldable in virtually any color, BikeLid’s unique and appealing sculptural design turns heads, encourages use, and complements a wide variety of architectural styles. The brainchild of University of Washington Physics Lab Field Engineer, Steve Voorhees, BikeLid® entered the bike security market with a high-visibility debut at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. An Olympic venue manager commented: “Sixteen consecutive sell-out sessions with no bicycle thefts or damage. BikeLids were used by our spectators 100% of the time and garnered many compliments for their utility and ease of use.” The Games started a trend. about-bike-lid-bicycle-storage-for-parking-garagesInstalled across the country, from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, BikeLid® is fast becoming the “secure bike parking solution” of choice among large REITs, municipalities, transit authorities, universities, and corporate campuses. As indicated by recent bike parking decisions of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the Riverside County Transportation Commission, BikeLid® uniquely solves bike and property owner security concerns, as well as installation and longterm management and maintenance issues often associated with traditional bike lockers.
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