Birdseye is an architecture firm and building company located in a 19th century barn in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Richmond, Vermont. They are creatively inspired by, and drawn to, their natural surroundings, which are marked by agrarian pursuits and provide context for their work.

Birdseye began building homes nearly 40 years ago, ultimately creating a culture and buildings rooted in extraordinary quality and skill as well as a passion for master craftsmanship. Through the years, architects and artisans, interested in the intimate relationship between architecture and the art of building, joined the company and the business evolved into what it is today.

The architecture studio has been internationally recognized and has received over 25 awards from the American Institute of Architects. Many of these award-winning homes were constructed by Birdseye’s building company. Their design philosophy is a continuous evaluation and refinement of the essential, rooted in the building traditions of place and manifested through fine craft. Their projects fully embrace a sustainable approach to building, design, and craft.


Years of experience and collaboration have provided unparalleled understanding of both traditional and contemporary construction techniques and building systems. From pre-design through commissioning, Birdseye excels in designing, planning, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, constructing, and maintaining buildings of the highest quality. Birdseye offers a full range of services and specializations including architecture, siteworks, carpentry, metalworks, cabinetry, furniture, and concierge level property management. Combined with a commitment to strong client relationships, this broad expertise has positioned Birdseye to be the leader, locally and regionally, in luxury home building.

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