BLISS Fabrics
BLISS Fabrics

BLISS Fabrics

Manufacturers from Carrer dels Filadors, 35, 08208 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
BLISS is a new brand created by people who have been in the textile industry for a very long time. The company has inherited the technical knowledge and resources of Citel – the outdoor performance fabrics manufacturer founded back in 1875 in Barcelona – and added a special sensitivity and aesthetic perspective.

BLISS mission is to manufacture performance and decorative fabrics made by and for the senses. The corporate team wanted to create a brand that not only demonstrated their technical know-how regarding 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, but also expressed their philosophy of life.

BLISS wants to inspire and be inspired by sharing its fierce interest in design, tech, colours, and shapes with clients and partners. BLISS is built on passion, new ideas, effort and an ongoing desire for improvement.

The creative process:

The creative process is intimately linked to the creative journey of designers, jobbers, product managers or architects, who rely on fabrics to embody their own high-design products (furniture, umbrellas, cushions, curtains…).

The company seeks to connect with them on an emotional and professional level in an effort to enhance and facilitate their task, and feels especially fortunate when it have the opportunity to design and work together, side by side, on unique collections. BLISS never forgets the technical side of the performance fabrics investing in R+D to find a way to guarantee the quality and safety of collections.

BLISS approach to sustainability is that there is no better way to protect the environment than by consuming less. To this end, BLISS creates long-lasting products that truly stand out. Creating is favourite state of mind of the company - its bliss -, and the desire to imagine, envision and manufacture fabrics that are truly special is very reason for being.

The company loves to transform its ideas, aesthetics and vibrant disposition into reality with fabrics that also offer technical outdoor features.
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