Blob Box Studio
Blob Box Studio

Blob Box Studio

Architects from aguascalientes, Mexico
Is a young architectural firm based in Mexico.
We have a strong view on the fields of architectural design, planning and collaborative design.

The vision of BLOB BOX STUDIO GLOCAL leads to the exploration and ongoing research generational attacking urban problems, seen as a field of opportunity due to lack of such spaces that encourage social changes are reflected in a healthy life full of well-being, identity and constant coexistence.
Emphasize the use of sustainable practices, the use of public space and ECOLOMIA (Eco + Economic, Bjarke Ingels)

STUDIO BOX BLOB adding the effort of social commitment that involves the Glocal ECOLOMIA and finds purpose is to exercise the collaborative design with all disciplines involving art or design.

We also aim to achieve satisfaction and customer understanding of each project in all its aspects, always taking into account all external factors and emphasizing the virtues of the project.