Specifier · Let manufacturers think along with the materialization of your project

Blue Architecture

Our role is primarily to listen to you. We will understand your needs, your taste, the way you live, the possible extension of your family and, subsequently, help you define your project. The internal layout, the optimum use of space, the organisations of the volumes, the external aspect will mainly emerge from this consideration etc. We do not sale ready-made solutions or standard plans but we will tailor the project around your taste and specific requirements. We will adapt the project to suit your budget. The building is a one-off prototype built for you. The place you live in will be as unique as the way you live. Blue always provide three dimensional photo-realistic images of your project so that you can thoroughly appreciate the scheme. Virtual walk-throughs and site integration are also possible. Therefore, you will know exactly how your building feels and looks long before the first brick is laid !