Manufacturers from Gizaburuaga, Spain
B.lux, manufacturers of contemporary design lamps

Our business adventure began in 1980. At that time the concept of design was only vaguely appreciated in our area: the Basque Country. This, together with a very scarce local market for this type of product, spurred us towards internationalisation at a very early stage.

We hit the international market with a set of indispensable collaborators: our product designers. In 1980-1981 we worked with Guillermo Capdevila, one of the promoters of design in Euskadi. He was the creator of the Blux System, a collection of lamps that marked a shift in B.lux's product strategy.

Nostalgia and market trends prompt us today, 35 years later, to rerelease this family of lamps, defined by their simple shapes and conforming to the patterns of the English school of Design. Proudly returning to our origins. The location of our facilities, in a very special natural enclave, also makes its mark on the lamps we produce. Lamps like the Keshi employ materials that are internationally coveted, like black marble from the Markina quarry, located close to our 5,000-m2 factory.

It is precisely our role as manufacturers, very unusual today, which allows us to endow our products with a special quality, as we employ the finest maxim manufacturing processes at our facilities.

Our proximity to Bilbao, which has become an international landmark city in the fields of Architecture and Design, has also shaped our lighting catalogue, thanks to our participation in high-profile lighting projects in the City of Design, according to UNESCO, and Best European City 2018, according to The Urban Academy.

Thus, each and every one of the lamps making up our catalogue has a story and a reason for being. These stories reinforce our identity, forged over 37 years of history.

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